From £180 (10 Hours +)

The Protection Plus Detail is perfect for any car, it most cases the finish on the vehicle will surpass new.

It will provide a glossy finish to the paintwork, and protection for your car from dirt, road grime. The interior surfaces will also be protected such as fabrics from soiling and spillages and also leather surfaces.


  • Vehicle rinsed
  • Vehicle foamed to loosen and draw dirt etc then left to dwell for 5 mins
  • Vehicle rinsed
  • Vehicle re-foamed and below procedures carried out
  • Wheels cleaned with soft brushes and acid free wheel cleaner
  • Arches degreased and agitated with brushes
  • Fuel filler cap cleaned
  • Vehicle rinsed to remove foam, dirt, brake dust etc
  • Vehicle washed using the two bucket method
  • Paintwork clay barred to remove paint contamination and tar
  • Vehicle rinsed
  • Vehicle then rewashed using two bucket method
  • Vehicle final rinse
  • Bodywork and wheels dried with drying towel
  • Pre-cleaner applied to paintwork to cleanse and aid wax bonding
  • 2 Layers of high content carnauba wax applied
  • Buff off to mirror finish
  • Windows cleaned and treated with rain repellent
  • Exterior trims dressed
  • Door shuts cleaned
  • Alloy wheels polished and sealed
  • Buff off wheel sealant
  • Exhaust polished
  • Tyres dressed


  • All rubbish removed
  • Pedals are cleaned with an APC
  • Interior thoroughly vacuumed
  • All mats are removed and cleaned
  • Mats are protected
  • Vents dusted using detailing brush
  • All carpet thoroughly shampooed
  • All fabric thoroughly shampooed
  • All leather surfaces cleaned using gentle safe cleaners
  • Leather surfaces conditioned, to prevent premature ageing, and enhance that unique leather smell
  • Wood trim polished and waxed
  • Door and boot rubbers protected
  • Chrome/metal trim polished and sealed
  • Interior trims/fascia cleaned and dressed using, non-glossy, non-greasy natural looking dressing
  • Interior glass cleaned and polished to achieve optimal clarity
  • All interior fabrics treated to help prevent any future staining and soiling